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Yeah they arent happy with me either Nats, there all 'Mel's a bitch, she didnt write about us for Nats. She isnt looking after our girl.' Side note, they look really sexy standing there all bitchy and my colouring looks really awsome on that pic heh.

Frank's all 'John why arent you hugging me? Or you know having sex with me on the pitch.'

'Come on Frank, Nats wont mind if we kiss in public.'

'Thats right no one can resist teh Frank.'

Its okay John, Nats wont mind if you slap Frank's arse.

Do these two pics really need a caption?

'Look John, Nats is waiting for us to have sex on the pitch.'

John is practically waiting for Frank to give it to him *innocent*

Whispering dirty words into Frank;s ear, Frank's getting excited.

Why hello shirtless Frank, yes I'll have sex with you later.

'C'mere baby." They share the rolls.

Frank's short shorts -- he wears them just for John.

No words.

'hurrah! I'll be getting some tonight.'

hand on shoulder -- Frank's getting ready to drag him off to the bedroom.

So possesive -- so sexy.

John wants to eat Frank whole, why else would he open his mouth so wide? *smirks*

argh clothes -- so overrated. Honestly they should just play naked.

Family time -- I love this picture so so much. sigh.

looking out for his man.

Bored -- wont have sex on the pitch -- thinking bout Nats.

why hello sexy. handholdage, meep!

I had to include this pic, the twy of them look adorable. eeek, Frank your so cute. *smooshes*

Leaning on his lover.

Most obvious OTP in the footballslash community, no one beats them. 

There you go lovely, sorry bout the lack of fic but I'll try to get something out for them as soon as the JT/Lamps brain starts working. Looove you.
Tags: frank lampard, john terry, jt/lamps, picspam
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