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06 June 2010 @ 02:35 pm
SO I finished s2 of TB, so glad its only 12 eps and I can get trhough them so quickly. I enjoyed it but I think I enjoyed the book more and Im sure thats because of all the Bill/Sookie boring crap and that they brought Lorena in before the third season.

But um when Godric died, OMG I bawled like a freaking baby, sat here with tears streaming down my face.

Also no matter how much I love Eric/Sookie (and I guess in the long run I love them more because of the books) I loved Eric/Godric like a 1000 times more, Eric/Godtic are so slash happy LOL.

Oh and Bill gets mor eboring with each episode that passes.

And show you made me love Sookie/Jason which is enjoying because I kind of hate them in the books.

Sighs. I dont know what I want to happen, on some level I really really want them to follow the books and if everyone had read them, especially the 4th you'd understand why, but then theres other things that I could do without. *pouts* CONFLICT!

Pam/Eric > the rest of the characters, just fyi.

Off to find TB icons.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased